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Tony Dance Fitness

Tony Dance Studio provides the opportunity to get and stay fit, not just focusing on weight loss. We always encourage healthy living but we want your sexy self to shine no matter what!

We think you should love your body at every shape and size. Just have fun moving and shaking your curves in our energetic atmosphere.

Our studio is also a place to meet new friends, see old friends and catch up on news. It is not your typical workout, sweat and leave, type of place. Students come early and stay late to socialize, talk and offer support when needed.

We have become involved in community events because of our association with Tony. Visitors to the studio are always made welcome. It is not unusual to have people from other states and countries drop in for classes during their vacations.

You will feel uplifted and leave with “A Big Smile on your Face” – and burning a few calories is just an added bonus!

If you hate to workout, but love to dance… Come join us on the dance floor!

Annual studio membership: $25/yr

  • Allows you to become a part of the Fiesta Buffet package, gives a discount on studio class cards, and your discounts and specials throughout the year

Fiesta Buffet Package: $59/mo

  • Available to all studio members
  • Includes all classes that are shaded on the schedule

Studio Cards: $117

  • Available to all studio members
  • $140 for non-members
  • Good for 12 classes. They are  for studio members and .
  • Include all classes except those marked as "Specialty Class"

Drop-In fee for classes: $15

Call the studio for the prices of individual specialty classes.
Phone: 207-386-3221

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Tony Dance

Tony Dance Fitness


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