Tony brings his energy and passion to every class he teaches at the studio. Whether you do Fiesta Fitness, Chair Fiesta, Young@Heart, or Fiesta INFIERNO, you will see his love of dance and his students in every move.


Bea teaches Zumba, POUND and Cabaret/Burlesque classes at the
studio. Her passion for dance gets your blood pumping and creativity flowing in each of her classes.

She is also the director of Wicked Burlesque, a Burlesque Dance Troupe that utilizes Tony Dance Studio as their home studio.


Barbara is one of the original instructors at Tony Dance Studio! She has been teaching dance since 2011, licensed to teach Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold and Zumba Toning. Barbara has an extensive dance background, having danced and performed locally since grade school. Expect to have a blast in Barbara’s classes! Barbara shares her bubbly, humorous personality with you during her classes, and encourages you to be yourself and find your inner joy on the dance floor. Barbara’s classes are for all levels as modifications are taught throughout her classes. Come ready to sweat, have fun and laugh, and prepare to leave feeling empowered, strong and elated!

Kevalnam Kaur

(Jessica McNeil)RYT, an experienced kundalini yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, homeschooling mama to three wonderful young children(and a bunch of fur babies),  aspiring minimalist, radical self-lover, essential oil enthusiast, and goddess of gratitude and manifestation! She has been practicing yoga for the past twenty years, and teaching for the last six. Thirteen years ago, while living at Kripalu, she discovered Kundalini yoga and realized that it was the path for her. As someone who suffers from PTSD and addiction, this yoga has helped her to heal, and has given her the tools to thrive in this life. Kevalnam’s life’s purpose is to share these tools with others, to help others see the radiance and the warrior within themselves, and to realize that living their dreams is entirely possible!


Heather started at the studio as a student, was certified as a Fiesta instructor in 2016 and gratefully became the studio owner at the start of 2018. Her love for rhythm and movement has been an inspiration throughout her life as a dancer, former deejay and fitness instructor. She is passionate about latin dance and rhythms, as well as, the joy and wellness that dance and movement of all genres brings. Heather teaches Fiesta Fitness, POUND fitness and Buti Yoga at the studio.


Diane’s kickboxing classes are set to today’s hits – she blends the flow of dance with kickboxing techniques!


Molly Geiger is a Bath, ME native who has been studying different types of dance for over 20 years. She completed her 200 yoga teacher training with Illumina Yoga in April 2018, and has since become interested  in combining eliminates of yoga with dance in her classes. She began teaching at Tony Dance Studio in November 2018.


Ashley Steeves is the Artistic Director of Resurgence Dance Company. She teaches Ballet, Contemporary, and Hatha Yoga to her company students and the public. Her focus is working with teens and adults of all levels! She trained as a young performer in musical theater. in 2001 she began her formal ballet training with Elizabeth Drucker at The Ballet School in Topsham, ME. Ashley has taken classes in many different styles of dance and considers herself to be very well rounded. She has performed with Gemini Dance Company, Vivid Motion Inc., Dirigo Dance Project, and Moving Target. Ashley’s belief is that it’s never too late to start dancing – or come back to dance!


Kathy’s Zumba classes are some of our most popular at the studio. She also does dance classes for kids. Come check out her dance moves for yourself!

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