Tony’s Dance Fitness Studio is a multi-generational place where all people are welcome who enjoy the joys of movement, friendship,  support, and inspiration.  It has been in several locations over the last 9 plus years that I have known Tony and it is always the same in family spirit, thanks to Tony!  That is why we all come so regularly and loyally.  We look forward to having fun with movement with our old and new friends and supporting each other through all of life’s ups and downs.  It has been a highlight of my life of 72 years and I’m thrilled that it exists!

Pat McKee

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Wow! Tony Dance Fitness Studio is where can you get as much variety? I can do Zumba, Fiesta, Kickboxing, all kinds of fun exercise — that feels more like a party than a workout!

For only $69 a month, I can choose from a wide variety of classes on different days and different times. More than enough to fit my busy schedule.

There is truly something for everyone. And what a great mix of people. “Tony’s chicas” range from 20 somethings to women in their 70s, dancers to athletes to klutzes.

Constance McCabe

Harpswell, Maine

Tony’s Fiesta Fitness at Tony Dance Fitness Studio  is the easiest and most fun way to exercise!

You will never know you’re working out because you are dancing and having so much fun.  Fiesta Fitness got me back into exercising regularly….once you start you will not stop!”

Diane Billings

Portland, Maine

Smiles all around when you experience Tony Dance Fitness Studio and Fiesta Fitness with Tony Garreton!  His workouts are fast and fun and danced to great Latin music in a friendly atmosphere.  You will leave with more energy than when you arrived.  Don’t miss out on the fun!

Meg Dinsmore

Damariscotta, Maine

After minor surgery on both knees and recovery time I noticed that a free class was being offered called “Young at Heart Fiesta!”  at Tony’s new studio.  Some we range in age from about 65 to over 80.   It is perfect for me.  Not because it’s free, but keeps me moving, smiling, dancing!!  And, as with other Tony’s classes, I met GREAT people!!  We occasionally bring donations for the local food bank and on the first Tuesday of the month we have a pot luck lunch after class.  I often wonder why more people aren’t taking advantage of this.  Oh well, on we go!!  Thank you TONY!!!

Pauline Flemmings

Phippsburg Maine

There still are days when I walk in to the Studio feeling tired and unmotivated but I always leave feeling energized, with a smile on my face.  Why?  The beautiful and bright decor?  The upbeat music?  The talented instructors?  Yes, all that and more!

I became happier with myself.  I feel stronger and my back pain is rare.  And as a bonus I’ve lost about 13 pounds without dieting.  Tony Dance Studio has made a very positive impact on my life and I’d like to recommend it to you if you’re looking for fun, exercise, and community!

Wendy Krouse

Woolwich, Maine

There aren’t many things that would motivate me to drive a half hour to Bath early in the morning, but Tony’s Fiesta Fitness does! The classes are so much fun that you don’t realize what an aerobic workout you are getting. Tony makes everyone feel like family and I miss him and the Fiesta chicas when I can’t be there. I travel a lot and take fitness classes everywhere I visit but there is no one – and I mean NO ONE – like Tony.

Betty Welt

Nobleboro, Maine

My day is made when I attend Tony’s dance classes. He gives us such a good time: good music, a good work out which is fun. I have been attending for at least (I think) five or six or more years. I always leave feeling great and ready for the rest of the day. Come dance with us!

Becky Hotellling

Freeport, Maine

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